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We are artists, programmers, content and information designers, photographers and instructors. We are at times humorous, sarcastic and satirical, melodramatic and theatrical hip and old-fashioned, cool and dry. We totally enjoy what we do. Each person in ENGAGE possesses an array of skills that enables us to teach better the many different facets involved in the creation of multimedia, interactive project, digital media or Web sites.

In addition to being artists and designers, members of our team are proficient with the following programming codes: DHTML, Javascript, Lingo and Flash Action scripts. We are a client-focused company working closely to deliver the best possible knowledge. We are a creative team that proactively seeks to make each class the best it can be.

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ENGAGE currently offers Macromedia Authorized classes in Director, Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand and Fireworks. We can also offer customized training/consulting in Adobe Photoshop. Our instructors are top notch developers, excellent teachers, and they consistently win praises from students. Virtually every student has rated our training as Exceptional. This includes ratings for product knowledge as well as presentation skills. Students who come to our classes also appreciate that they get the kind of personal attention needed when learning a type of software. Students also love the classroom environment that we create and that everything is comfortable and relaxed.


ENGAGE offers three types of training schedules. They are as follows:

Schedule Training at our facilities
These classes are designed for individuals or organizations that have one or more students to train reserved training at our facility. This training is for organizations that need three or more students trained and would prefer to have the students trained away from their offices.. We offer these classes at times and dates that are mutually convenient. Note: Our classes are limited to six students.

Training at your facility
This training is for organisations that need three or more students trainod and would prefer to have our instructor come to them. These classes are scheduled at mutually agreed upon times and dates. Note that your facility would need to have the proper computer hardware for students and instructor to use.

Personalised Training
No matter where the training is held, all required training materials, including the soflware, are provided by ENGAGE. A Multifaceted Approach to Learning The key to success in high technology is to remain flexible and responsive to fast changing conditions. In an industry where groundbreaking innovations become outdated in only a few days - or even less - the ability to move quickly is more than merely desirable, it is essential.


ENGAGE training and educational services are focused in four general areas

Handson / Workshop based Training
Software based training
Customised corporate training
Support services for custom-training clients






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