robotDo you like playing with Legos? Do you think building stuff is neat? Do you want to learn some robotics? This might be the class for you.

Come and join this amazing workshop on basic robotics building. No previous experience with robotics or lego building is necessary. If you have no idea how a gear train works or if you’ve been building with technic Legos since before you could walk – that’s fine. It’s a hands-on learning experience where you work on projects and we provide directions and suggestions.

You will be introduced to the world of robotics and learn about its importance in today’s world of technology. We will touch on the different kinds of robotic control, demonstrate how to hook up the sensors, and suggest ‘tricks’ that make your life easier.

Learning Objectives
ifile Leadership
ifile Teamwork
ifile Project & Time Management
ifile Creative Thinking
ifile To prepare and equip students with the necessary skills for the National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) held annually at the Singapore Science Centre. Inclusive of competition analysis, simulation, coaching and lots more.

Academic Focus
ifile IT, Science, Mathematics, Art

Software & Hardware Used
ifile Robotic Invention System, Lego Mindstorms

Target Audience
ifile Age Group 9-12, 13-15


itech Participants will get the chance to use the RCX, and learn how to build and construct secure robots using the LEGO MINDSTORMS set.
book NJRC Preparation Competition Briefing & Scoring. Important aspects in the competition
itech NJRC Simulated Competition - Missions, Strategy, Scoring
itech NJRC Awards - Cutest Robot, Best Both, Best Performance Robots, The Future of Robots

idoc Package 1
30 hours for $120 per Pax
idoc Fundamental
10 hours for $35 per Pax
10 hours for $50 per Pax
10 hour for $60 per Pax
idoc Call to enquire for customized courses

10 Contact-Hour Training
with Competition Preparatory Training

book Participants will be taught from the basics of the competition to the finale of an actual competition based simulation.
itech Learn to create the winning team.

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itech Participants will build Humanoids with NXT


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