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The Checklist

There are many projects which I like to get started. Some have took off but still needs working on. This pages serves as a checklist which will detail and updates them.

Online Art Shop - Ongoing > View it Still requires more items to be photographed, priced and listed.

Art-on-A-Weekend - Ongoing > Started in 2008, it has been getting good responses. Currently requires more new course to be developed.

Rent It - An online rental business which currently involved renting out items which clients do not want to purchase or maintain but requires it for short-term use. Launching in June 2009

MacTutor - An online Mac training venture. This is an extension of my 1 to 1 personal IT coaching. An AfterHours extension.

Art /Flea Market - Takes place monthly. A venture with a group of friends as we take to the streets vending our handmade souvenirs and crafts. Includes portraiture, caricature, clay modeling and wire sculpture. Needs more people to get involved.

ArtStreet - July 2009 - An arts outreach program similar to the Art Market

Online Bend-a-Wire Businees. Page will be up soon. Includes a wire craft class addition

Events - Some of the craft which I do during the Art markets will be offered as an events filler engaged by the hour. The events are caricature, portraiture, wire names, batik painting

Online Jewellery Shop Venture - July 2009

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