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Screen printing is a useful lifeskill which could be taught in schools.  We conduct printing workshops where you'll learn basic printing techniques in our workshop.  Our classes are open for both teachers and students, from adults, teenagers to children.

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Basic materials, tools and handouts are provided

About Screen Printing

Screenprinting is a unique method of printing and making multiples. Using a fine mesh fabric, you will learn many different techniques to transfer your image onto the screen including using light sensitive photo emulsion and stenciling. Once the image has been created, use your imagination to create finished works of art, printing the image multiple times using a variety of printing inks or dyes.

Benefits of Screen Printing

Silk screening is one of the oldest method of reproducing multiple copies of words and images.  It's use could be traced way back to the Egyptian and Chinese civilization.  Today, silk screening is the most basic form of fabric printing. Adults and children can learn and experience  the screen printing processes.  By experiencing screen printing, they will understand how designs on T-shirts, bags, and posters are printed.  This method can be used to paint and decorate artifacts, such as stools, cards, and boxes for sale during fun fairs and art festivals.

Printing allows the same artwork design to be transferred to several pieces of materials quickly. Promote creativity in a fun way. 

Organising An Event!

Unsure about what activity to fill the event. We are available to keep your guest entertained and occupied.

Great for all ages - We create your company or corporate design into motifs that are transferrable to T-shirts, caps or aprons and you can have a joyous time painting them A unique addition to any event.

Engagement for events is S$150 per hour.
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