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If you're still not convinced, here's a few more reasons why this is an excellent skill to acquire.

Make personal gifts for your loved ones, family and friends for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine or any events. They will cherish and love you!

You can even make money at art/flea markets or carnivals ...

You business is portable and you can carry and easily setup anywhere fast....

You'll be surprised 10 minutes is how long it takes to make a name once you get good at it !

Advice given by doctors to arthritis sufferers is to keep the joints moving! Making wire craft moves the joints in the hands many different ways

Get started in your own profitable business today....

Sign up for the course that allows you learn How to do it..


We'll teach you to make

Capital letters and Small case letters.
What tools to use, types of wire and accessories you will need.

Special combinations of some letters...
How to make add a special shape for example a heart at the end of each name...
Ideas for other types of jewellery and applications such as making a personalized brooch (pin) or a personalized necklace gift for friends
Much more including earrings, bracelets, letter holders wherever your imagination takes you....

Sign Up Today! Only S$50 for a 2-hour course.
Basic materials, tools and handouts are provided to get your started
Do not hesitate! Call Now!

Full Courses are available  

Introduction to Wire Art - 2D:
4 lessons of 2 hours (Total 8 hours)
> S$120

Creating 3D Wire Animal Figures:
4 lessons of 2 hours (Total 8 hours)
> S$120
Creating 3D Wire Human Figures:
4 lessons of 2 hours (Total 8 hours)
> S$150

School/corporate medium to large group training can be arranged.

For enquiries, quotation and class availability, call/SMS/email
Mohamad [98686008]